Winter Architecture

Torquay Compartment Apartment


Winter Architecture together with an ambitious client and an inventive carpenter designed a unique low budget space for a family of four within an existing 60’s era shophouse apartment. Located in the central Torquay, the tiny 45m2 apartment divides and arranges modified off the shelf joinery and soft furnishings to facilitate private and shared spaces for the family. The light palette of birch ply, white paints and textiles is utilised to enhance the infiltration of natural light, increasing the perception of space and pairing with the existing timber floorboards. The kid’s bunkroom incorporates neat storage solutions, with split level bunks enabling a view outside and personalised spaces - further enhanced by the pinboard walls. The master bed platform offers more neat tailored storage solutions, with a delicate curtain providing privacy yet still allowing filtered light into the shared living area. The 2x4 kitchen was maintained for its coastal charm, with the introduction of a folding table extending the kitchen workspace or serving as a dining table. This humble apartment renovation is an exploration into the complexities of the family’s domestic program that is intensified by the tiny footprint, but simplified by clever planning, storage and methods of enclosure.

Project Team

Jean Graham, Helen Pallot, Jack Mounsey & James Embry


Kevin Hippisley


JR Mounsey Photography & Winter Architecture


Never too Small