Winter Architecture

Kinley Cricket Club


The Kinley Cricket Club project is the renewal and conversion of the existing Cricket Club located in the Cave Hill Limestone Quarry heritage listed site. The pavilion is a functioning retail showroom for a period of time, projected to return to a cricket club, community space and/or café space for the new community of Kinley. The conversion to the cricket pavilion has been designed with primary consideration toward maintaining and enhancing its existing relationship with the cricket oval and surrounding landscape while improving natural light and adaptive programming. The design introduces two large openings to create a Southeast central circulation axis reinforcing the buildings’ aspect to the cricket oval. By maintaining and updating the covered outdoor setting to the Southeast this aspect is further enhanced. Redefining the façade with timber battens assists in blending the building into the landscape. Rather than conceal the buildings original form, the positioning of these battens follows the height of existing brickwork to maintain the pavilions’ distinct roof form gesturing toward the oval.

Project Team

Jean Graham, Claire White, Helen Pallot, Isabella Hayward, Jack Mounsey & Philip Culpan


Zunica Interior Design


Intrapac, Bayport & Saw Constructions


Nicole England Photography